Guide to Guitar Necks

Guitar Neck : What is it?

Guitar Necks

The guitar neck is the part of the guitar that hold the strings in place. It is usually made of hardwood like maple, ebony, and rosewood. It consists of a fingerboard, a truss rod, tuner hole, fret, and dot inlays. It comes in different profiles including C, U, and V. It can be bolted down, built with the guitar body, or glued to the instrument depending on the player’s preference. It is mostly used for customization and replacement purposes. 

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Types of Guitar Necks

Guitar NecksGuitar Necks

Kinds of Guitar Necks include the following:

Maple guitar neck

  • A maple guitar neck is made of light-colored Maplewood.
  • It is made with a maple fingerboard and truss rod.
  • It is fashioned in a paddlehead style.

Ebony guitar neck

  • An ebony guitar neck is made of dark ebony wood.
  • Its tuner hole can be made to fit rhythm and bass tuners.
  • Its fingerboard can be extended to a customized length.

Rosewood guitar neck

  • A rosewood guitar neck is made of durable rosewood.
  • It has a rich, brown color.
  • It comes with a pre-drilled tuner hole, an S-style neck pocket, and dot inlays.

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Choosing Guitar Necks (Buying tips)

Price: Choose an inexpensive maple guitar neck if you are on a budget. It has an average weight and hardness that prevents the guitar from getting neck-heavy. If money is not a consideration, on the other hand, look for a guitar neck with a rosewood fingerboard that provides a smooth yet hard playing surface.

Neck joint: Choose a neck-through-body guitar neck construction if your guitar has a solid body. If you want the option of replacing your guitar neck when it warps or breaks, consider getting a bolt-on type.

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