Guide to Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar Effects Pedal : What is it?

Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar effects pedals, also called stomp boxes, are devices used for adding various sound effects such as fuzz, distortion, wah-wah, reverberation, chorus, overdrive, and flanging to guitar sound. They consist of a metal housing and effects systems hooked to a signal chain through a pair of two-conductor cables fitted with phone or jack plugs. They are set on the floor, and their on/off switches are controlled by foot. Aside from guitars, they can also be used with cellos, violins, and keyboards. 

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Types of Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar Effects PedalsGuitar Effects Pedals

Kinds of Guitar Effects Pedals include the following:

Guitar distortion effects pedals

  • Guitar distortion effects pedals are used for creating high distortion while maintaining maximum intensity and tone control.
  • They have a minimum input impedance of 300 kOhm and a 200-kOhm maximum output impedance.
  • They have a frequency response range of 70 Hertz to 5 Kilohertz.

Guitar flanging effects pedals

  • Guitar flanging effects pedals are used for creating stereo flanging effects.
  • They can have gate/pan and ultra modes for thick flanging with little noise.
  • They provide deep flanging effects that can be heard all around a room.

Guitar multi-effects pedals

  • Guitar multi-effects pedals are used for creating a variety of guitar distortions.
  • They are packed with features for creating overdrive, distortion, flanging, and reverberation sounds, among others.
  • Higher-end models can contain up to 100 or more guitar effects.


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Choosing Guitar Effects Pedals (Buying tips)

Sound quality: Choose a guitar effects pedal with stereo outputs for a realistic sound that can be heard from all parts of a venue.

Linkage: If you intend to use several separate guitar effects pedals, consider connecting them using a chain. Make sure to place the overdrive and wah pedals at the beginning of your chain to maintain their clear tone.

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