Guide to Flute Cases

Flute Case : What is it?

Flute Cases

Flute cases are bags used for keeping flutes to protect from dents, scratches, and impacts. They are long and narrow storage devices made of soft nylon or hard ABS plastic. They can be made with outside pockets for storing flute accessories. 

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Types of Flute Cases

Flute CasesFlute Cases

Kinds of Flute Cases include the following:

Soft flute cases
  • Soft flute cases are constructed of durable ballistic nylon exteriors.
  • Their interiors are padded with EPS foam for maximum shock absorption and protection.
  • They are made with handles, shoulder straps, and exterior pockets.
  • They are available in different colors.

Hard flute cases

  • Hard flute cases can be made of hard ABS plastic shells, metal, or wood.
  • Their interiors are molded with EPS foam and lined in thick plush for protection.
  • They are made with locks, aluminum valances, chrome hardware, and shoulder strap D-rings.
  • They usually come in black for a sleek, professional look.

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Choosing Flute Cases (Buying tips)

Interior: Choose a flute case with a soft plush interior to prevent your instrument from dents and scratches.

Elastic strap: Look for a soft flute case with a built-in external elastic strap for bringing along a music stand or a carrying jacket. The elastic strap should be snug enough to prevent your accessories from slipping off.

Shoulders strap: Choose a flute case with a long shoulder strap that allows you to sling the case over your body or shoulder, leaving your hands free to carry other things. The shoulder strap should be padded for maximum comfort.

Flute type:
Choose a soft flute case if you have a keyless flute. If you have a keyed instrument, on the other hand, look for a hard flute case to prevent the keywork from being jammed.

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