Guide to Drum Cases

Drum Case : What is it?

Drum Cases

Drum cases are containers used for storing and organizing drums for safekeeping or transporting. They are usually made of molded high-density polyethylene. They are made with flat bases for stability and grip handles for easy carrying. They are available in solo and stand types.

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Types of Drum Cases

Drum CasesDrum Cases

Kinds of Drum Cases include the following:

Solo drum cases

  • Solo drum cases are made of molded polyethylene.
  • They are D-shaped containers with molded feet to keep the drums upright.
  • They have deep rib patterns that allow each case to be stacked one on top of the other.

Stand drum cases

  • Stand drum cases are made of hard polyethylene shells.
  • They can fit several drums in different types.
  • They are made with outer buckles where drum stands can be secured.
  • They have built-in wheels that allow fast and easy transportation.

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Choosing Drum Cases (Buying tips)

Lockable handle: Choose drum cases with lockable handles for a secure handling of your drum kit.

Foam linings: Choose drum cases with interior foam linings for shock absorption and protection from scratches and dents.

Shape: For more stability, choose D-shaped drum cases with flat bases.

: For effective and space-saving storage capability, choose stackable drum cases that you can place one on top of the other.

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