Guide to Clarinet Mouthpieces

Clarinet Mouthpiece : What is it?

Clarinet Mouthpieces

The clarinet mouthpiece is the part of the clarinet that provides its overall pitch and timbre. It is attached to the top end of the instrument. It can be made of plastic or hard rubber in different facing lengths. 

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Types of Clarinet Mouthpieces

Clarinet MouthpiecesClarinet Mouthpieces

Kinds of Clarinet Mouthpieces include the following:

Plastic clarinet mouthpiece

  • A plastic clarinet mouthpiece is made of solid and durable plastic.
  • It is thin and lightweight.
  • It can crack easily if not maintained properly.
  • It can only be used for a limited period since they warp over time.
  • They are mass-produced, making them inexpensive and readily available.

Hard rubber clarinet mouthpiece

  • A hard rubber clarinet mouthpiece is made of heavy-duty hard rubber.
  • It is more durable than the plastic clarinet mouthpiece. It can withstand scratches, cracks, and other damage.
  • It is more stable than the plastic model, delivering a full sound and a balanced tone for longer.
  • It is generally expensive.
  • It requires high maintenance.

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Choosing Clarinet Mouthpieces (Buying tips)

Mouthpiece bore: To get a compact and focused tone, choose a clarinet mouthpiece with a small bore. If you want a dark and mellow tone on the other hand, look for one with a larger bore. The bore of a mouthpiece determines the overall sound you want to project.

Facing length: Look for a clarinet mouthpiece with long facing to improve tone control and flexibility. A long facing also helps produce a vigorous sound with stronger lows.

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