Guide to Chromatic Tuners

Chromatic Tuner : What is it?

Chromatic Tuners

Chromatic tuners are musical tuning devices used for calibrating notes to their correct tune, allowing musicians to tune their guitar strings to any note other than their original pitch. They are mostly used for electric guitars in on-stage tuning where fast and quick responses are essential. They have large LCD display screens where pitch and tune information are shown. They can be handheld or set on the floor and controlled by the foot resting on the tuner’s pedal.

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Types of Chromatic Tuners

Chromatic TunersChromatic Tuners

Kinds of Chromatic Tuners include the following:

Chromatic auto tuners

  • Chromatic auto tuners have automatic features that allow tuning of hard-to-tune instrument in seconds.
  • They are made with reference calibrations and tuning modes.
  • They can precisely tune instruments in small 1-hertz increments.

Chromatic pedal tuners

  • Chromatic pedal tuners have large LED displays indicating the name of the note being tuned.
  • They have bright LED indicators indicating tuning differences ideal for extremely dark band stages.
  • They come with power indicators and dual outputs.

Chromatic dual tuners

  • Chromatic dual tuners are compact devices with color-coded LED screen displays for easy viewing and tuning.
  • Most models come with guitar jacks for instant connection and application.


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Choosing Chromatic Tuners (Buying tips)

Stream meter: Chose a chromatic tuner with a stream meter indicating the progression of a note’s pitch while being tuned. It tells you that the right note pitch has been achieved when the LED stream meter stops moving.

Digital variety:
Choose a digital chromatic tuner for more precise tuning. It can accurately tune your instrument to tiny 1-hertz increments.

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