Guide to Bass Strings

Bass String : What is it?

Bass Strings

Bass strings are thickly coiled cords that produce a very low sound. They usually come in a set of four strings tuned to the keys of G, D, A, and E. Bass strings that come in a set of five and six are also available, although they are used less commonly.   

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Types of Bass Strings

Bass StringsBass Strings

Kinds of Bass Strings include the following:

Nickel-wound bass strings

  • Nickel-wound bass strings are made with nickel-plated steel wraps.
  • They deliver a clear and captivating tone.
  • They are preferred by most rock bassists.

Stainless steel bass strings

  • Stainless steel bass strings have a smooth feel.
  • They have less finger noise.
  • They are ideal for marathon studio sessions and long gigs.

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Choosing Bass Strings (Buying tips)

Core: For durability, choose bass strings with a round core shape for a more cohesive contact between the outer wrap and core wire.

Treatment: Choose bass strings treated with a liquid nitrogen bath for extending the life of the strings.

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