Guide to Sandwich Grills

Sandwich Grill : What is it?

Sandwich Grills

Sandwich grills are used for toasting and grilling sandwiches. They consist of a metal wire or mesh tray placed over a heat source, and a heated press that folds over the tray. This ensures that the sandwich is grilled evenly on both sides. Most models hold one to two sandwiches; larger units provide space in between for grilling side items like meat and vegetables. 

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Types of Sandwich Grills

Sandwich GrillsSandwich Grills

Kinds of Sandwich Grills include the following:

Stovetop sandwich grills

  • Stovetop sandwich grills are heated using the burners on stovetop ranges.
  • They consist of a cast iron skillet and a lid that presses down on the sandwich.
  • They are available in 10- to 12-inch units, which can hold two sandwiches or one sandwich and a side dish.

Fireside sandwich grills

  • Fireside sandwich grills are designed for direct heating over hearths or campfires.
  • They usually have long insulated handles to maintain a safe distance between the user and the fire.
  • They offer limited temperature control and take longer to heat up.

Electric sandwich grills

  • Electric sandwich grills are powered from the mains socket and use heating coils to heat the plates.
  • They are usually compact and portable, but they only hold standard bread slices.
  • Some models can seal the slices together to keep the contents from spilling.

Electric panini grills

  • Electric panini grills look like electric sandwich grills, except for a larger floating lid for holding thicker breads like panini, ciabatta, and focaccia.
  • They can also be used to grill meat, vegetables, and side dishes.
  • They are generally more expensive than electric sandwich grills, but they are more versatile.

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Choosing Sandwich Grills (Buying tips)

Grill surface: Choose a sandwich grill with a nonstick grilling surface for easier cleaning and maintenance. If you want to grill meat and fatty foods, look for a slanted tray so that the grease can drain off.

Controls: Choose a sandwich grill with preset times for light, medium, and dark toasts. Look for one with automatic timers to prevent burning.

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