Guide to Water Picks

Water Pick : What is it?

Water Picks

Water picks are dental cleaning devices that penetrate deep into the teeth crevices and gums. They deep clean teeth and gums by emitting pressurized water, mouthwash, or antibacterial oral solutions through various tips with water holes. They are focused over targeted teeth and gum areas to remove lodged food debris.

Water picks are ideal for those with braces, crowns, and other dental fittings. They are known to massage the gums well and prevent gingivitis, plaque build-up, and other periodontal diseases. They are used with different cleaning tips such as standard, cannula, and rubber.

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Types of Water Picks

Water PicksWater Picks

Kinds of Water Picks include the following:

Portable water picks

  • Portable water picks are powered by several batteries.
  • They are ideal for traveling.
  • They do not have large water tanks or long cords.
  • They can churn up to 1,600 pulses per minute.
  • They are used for instant teeth cleaning after each meal or before an important meeting or get-together.

Home water picks

  • Home water picks are large devices meant for personal and home use.
  • They can produce up to 1,200 water jets per minute ideal for extensive debris removal and gum massaging.
  • They include standard jet tips suitable for all types of oral cleaning.
  • They have control buttons for pausing and controlling water pressure.

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Choosing Water Picks (Buying tips)

Features: Choose a water pick with a built-in tongue cleaner for a more extensive oral cleaning. Also, make sure it can be used with antibacterial solutions or mouthwashes aside from water.

Controls: Look for a water pick with settings for water pressure control that allow you to adjust the water pressure according to your preference.

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