Guide to Cell Phone Scanners

Cell Phone Scanner : What is it?

Cell Phone Scanners

A cell phone scanner intercepts calls made and received by cell phones. It is an eavesdropping device used by authorized law enforcement agencies to monitor the personal calls of people who are under surveillance by order of the law. Eavesdropping on other people's cell phone conversations is illegal and punishable by law. The information supplied below is simply for educational purposes.

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Types of Cell Phone Scanners

Cell Phone ScannersCell Phone Scanners

Kinds of Cell Phone Scanners include the following:


  • An interceptor picks up cellular frequencies, allowing the eavesdropping on calls made across a certain range.
  • It can be purchased via mail order in Canada and England.


  • A cell phone scanner service is a third-party service company that records conversations made from any phone line, including a cell phone, at any place and time.
  • It is usually sold as a call card in 250- to 500-minute cards.
  • The calls are automatically forwarded to the company's switch where they are recorded and stored.
  • To retrieve the conversation, one has to log on to the Internet and access it via an access number.
  • It is useful for keeping a record of important calls, conference calls, sales order calls, and other important communication for later reference.
  • It is capable of recording both inbound and outbound calls.

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Choosing Cell Phone Scanners (Buying tips)

Legality:  Before buying a cell phone scanner, check with your local authorities first regarding its legality to prevent you from getting into trouble.

Clarity:  Look for a cell phone scanner that records and plays back conversations audibly.   

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