Guide to Webcams

Webcam : What is it?


A webcam (web camera) takes images and videos and sends them in real-time to another computer over the internet or a local network. It usually connects to the computer through the USB or PS/2 port, or over a wireless connection such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Most models can also take still images and videos when offline.

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Types of Webcams


Kinds of Webcams include the following:

Wired webcam

A wired webcam connects to a peripheral port using a cable. Some models have plug and play (PnP) installation, which allows it to operate without installing driver software. It often has a clip at the base that secures it to a table or a stand for stability. It has a relatively low frame rate, but it can still produce satisfactory images.

Wireless webcam

A wireless webcam connects to a computer using Bluetooth or a wireless network (Wi-Fi). It provides greater flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing various angles and positions relative to the computer. It is more expensive than a wired webcam. It may also come with a clip for stability.

Video capture device or a digital camera as a webcam

These are basically digital cameras with a webcam feature. It usually connects to a computer's USB port, but requires a webcam application to access the webcam function. It can broadcast live video and has a higher frame rate.

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Choosing Webcams (Buying tips)

Resolution: Choose a webcam with a high resolution of at least 460 x 480 for better image quality.

Motion detection: Choose a webcam that follows your movements so you can move around without having to adjust the webcam.

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