Guide to Surge Suppressors

Surge Suppressor : What is it?

Surge Suppressors

Surge protectors protect electronic appliances against high-level power surges, which may be caused by lighting, inadequate grounding, faulty circuit breakers, or wind damage. They work by stopping or reducing power surges to a level that will not damage the equipment. They usually last several years, but they have to be replaced after each power surge to maintain efficiency.

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Types of Surge Suppressors

Surge SuppressorsSurge Suppressors

Kinds of Surge Suppressors include the following:

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Choosing Surge Suppressors (Buying tips)

Meter surge protectors

Meter surge protectors protect electrical systems from power surges originating outside the house. They are usually mounted on the power meters. They are installed at the service entrances of houses and establishments.

Electrical panel surge protectors

Electrical or service panel surge protectors are installed at the electrical panels in the breaker boxes of houses. They provide protection to all home appliances using just one device. They can be integrated within the electrical panels or mounted outside the panels.

Plug-In surge protectors

Plug-in surge protectors come in box or power strip forms that plug directly into wall sockets. They usually have LED indicator lights or audible alarm systems that let users know if they already require replacement.

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