Guide to Printer Ribbons

Printer Ribbon : What is it?

Printer Ribbons

A printer ribbon is coated with dye or resin that is pressed onto the paper to transfer images. It is usually made of nylon and saturated in black or color ink. It usually comes in a spool housed in a plastic casing, and installed in direct thermal and thermal-transfer printers.

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Types of Printer Ribbons

Printer RibbonsPrinter Ribbons

Kinds of Printer Ribbons include the following:

Black printer ribbon

Black printer ribbon prints in only monochrome. It is coated evenly on the surface with black resin or dye. It is commonly used for printing documents, bar codes, and simple labels.

Full color printer ribbon

Full color printer ribbon prints in a wide color spectrum by mixing primary and secondary colors. It consists of four color panels in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and CMY + white models. It is used for printing photos and graphics.

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Choosing Printer Ribbons (Buying tips)

Compatibility: Only choose a printer ribbon compatible with your printer brand and model. Most ribbon packages have a list of compatible models on the box.

Color printing: If your printer supports color printing, purchase separate ribbons for color and monochrome so your color printer ribbon remains exclusive for color print jobs.

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