Guide to Power Strips

Power Strip : What is it?

Power Strips

A power strip, also known as a power board or plug board, is an electrical device that features a long, flexible cable and several sockets or receptacles for plugging in two or more applicances. It is used in areas with many electrical devices in proximity such as the kitchen, entertainment room, or computer room. Although it provides convenience and increased functionality, it can also cause danger due to overloading or octopus connection if not used properly.

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Types of Power Strips

Power StripsPower Strips

Kinds of Power Strips include the following:

Commercial-grade power strip

A commercial-grade power strip provides a convenient process of power distribution in floor mount, wall mount, and workbench applications. It consists of several output receptacles, a line cord, and mounting tabs. It is ideal for generator power and alternate waveform UPS distribution.

Office-grade power strip

An office-grade power strip has two to eight output receptacles. It usually has a secure and rugged housing, and a lighted power switch. It can also be used in floor mount, wall mount, or workbench applications.

Hospital-grade power strip

A hospital-grade power strip usually has a 15-amp capacity and a 120-volt power. Unlike an office-grade power strip, it has a switchless design to prevent accidental shut-off.

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Choosing Power Strips (Buying tips)

Thermal sensors: Choose a power strip with thermal sensors that detect possible damage to appliances due to overloading. The sensors trigger an alarm when overloading is detected.

Number of receptacles: Choose a power strip with enough receptacles to accommodate all the appliances in the room. Allow some extra receptacles if you plan to expand or add more devices in the future. Make sure there is enough room between the sockets for adapters and large plugs.

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