Guide to Laptop Security

Laptop Security : What is it?

Laptop Security

Laptop security is a device or a system used to protect laptops from theft or unauthorized use. It usually detects suspicious moves or signs of forced retrieval and triggers an alarm to alert the owner or authorities. It is useful in applications where laptops are displayed in public or open to public use, such as service centers and information portals.

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Types of Laptop Security

Laptop SecurityLaptop Security

Kinds of Laptop Security include the following:

Heavy steel cage

A heavy steel cage is a heavy-duty desk drawer that locks the laptop in place. It is ideal for office and laboratory use where the laptop is usually left overnight. It is the most secure form of laptop security, but it is not portable.

Locking cable

A locking cable consists of thick braided or twisted steel cable and a plug that attaches to the laptop. It is locked using a combination lock or keys. It triggers an alarm when it detects attempts to undo the lock or cut the cable.

Motion sensor alarm

A motion sensor alarm detects motion close to the laptop and triggers an alarm when the laptop is touched or pulled. It usually comes in a card form that is inserted into the PCMCIA slot at the side of the laptop. It is powered by the laptop batteries and can be activated and deactivated as necessary.

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Choosing Laptop Security (Buying tips)

Strength:  Choose a laptop security device that can resist cutting and sawing. If you want to get a heavy steel cage, choose one made of hardened steel. Get a locking cable made of braided steel, which is harder to cut.

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