Guide to Keyboard Trays

Keyboard Tray : What is it?

Keyboard Trays

Keyboard trays support computer keyboards in a separate tray from the computer desk. They usually attach to the side of the desk using clamps or mounting arms. They can be adjusted to different heights and angles to suit different users. Some models are extended to accommodate a mouse and mouse pad, while others have a separate mouse tray attached to the side. They may also have wrist rests to reduce hand strain during extended use.

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Types of Keyboard Trays

Keyboard TraysKeyboard Trays

Kinds of Keyboard Trays include the following:

Standard keyboard trays

Standard keyboard trays can accommodate keyboards only. They have mounting arms for fastening them to computer desks. They are the most affordable types available.

Integrated keyboard trays

Integrated keyboard trays are made with mouse trays for holding mice. They are larger, thicker, and more expensive than standard keyboard trays. The mouse trays can be retracted or folded into the keyboard tray when not in use.

Keyboard trays with palm and wrist rests

These keyboard trays keep the hands and wrists in a natural position to prevent strain and injury. They are available with or without mouse trays. They are slightly more expensive than standard keyboard trays.

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Choosing Keyboard Trays (Buying tips)

Weight capacity: Choose a keyboard tray that can hold the entire weight of your keyboard and mouse without bending or bouncing to prevent damage to the devices or injury to your body.

Slip-proof: Choose a keyboard tray with a ribbed or textured surface to keep the keyboard from slipping off.

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