Guide to IDE Cables

IDE Cable : What is it?

Ide Cables

Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) cables connect hard drives, CD drives, and storage devices to computers. They are made up of several conductor wires running in parallel directions and forming a wide, flat ribbon. They are available in lengths of up to 36 inches, but current standards recommend only 18 inches to be used in computers. 

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Types of IDE Cables

Ide CablesIde Cables

Kinds of IDE Cables include the following:

40-wire IDE cables

40-wire IDE cables have 40 conductor wires and 40 pin connectors.
They can be used for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and floppy disk drives, but are not suitable for hard drives.

80-wire IDE cables

80-wire IDE cables have 80 pin connectors and 40 pin connectors.
They are commonly used for hard drives with ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA), a method of data transfer that bypasses the processor.

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Choosing IDE Cables (Buying tips)

Flexibility: Choose a flexible but durable IDE cable for better handling during installation. Look for one that you can easily clip onto the connectors. If you have a small computer case, consider getting rounded IDEs to save space.

Data transfer capacity:
Make sure the IDE cable is compatible with the drive’s reading speed. 40-wire cables usually do not work with rates over AT133, but 80-wire cables are usually backward-compatible.

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