Guide to Drawstring Tote Bags

Drawstring Tote Bag : What is it?

Drawstring Tote Bags

Drawstring tote bags are usually made of leather, canvas, and mesh. They can have hand, shoulder, or backpack straps (or a combination). Drawstring tote bags are very versatile – they can be used indoors and outdoors for shopping, sightseeing, hiking, etc.

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Types of Drawstring Tote Bags

Drawstring Tote BagsDrawstring Tote Bags

Kinds of Drawstring Tote Bags include the following:

Leather drawstring tote bags

  • Leather drawstring tote bags can be quite expensive, but they last longer with proper care.
  • They usually come with storage dust bags.

Canvas drawstring tote bags

  • Canvas drawstring tote bags are made of inexpensive canvas fabric, which is very easy to maintain because it can be hand- or machine-washed.
  • Their drawstring closures are usually made of heavy-duty cotton.

Mesh drawstring tote bags

  • Mesh drawstring tote bags are made of woven nylon mesh which lets the bag’s contents ‘breathe.’ They are great for carrying food items.
  • Side pouches and zippered pockets help keep things organized.

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Choosing Drawstring Tote Bags (Buying tips)

Pockets: If you often bring along small items like Swiss knives or loose change, choose a drawstring tote bag with several interior and exterior pockets.

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