Guide to Motorcycle Sidecars

Motorcycle Sidecar : What is it?

Motorcycle Sidecars

A motorcycles sidecar is a single-wheeled vehicle attached to the side of a motorcycle, transforming it to a tricycle. It allows a motorcycle to carry two more passengers or heavy cargo. It usually comes with a rear trunk compartment where cargo is stored. It can also come with a windshield, door, and rooftop.

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Types of Motorcycle Sidecars

Motorcycle SidecarsMotorcycle Sidecars

Kinds of Motorcycle Sidecars include the following:

Steel motorcycle sidecar

  • A steel motorcycle sidecar is strong and durable, able to withstand the roughest terrain and the most difficult ride conditions.
  • It has a great loading capacity.
  • It usually matches the color and style of the motorcycle it comes with.
  • It can come with a windshield, locking trunk, luggage rack, and rubber floor mat.
  • It is attached to a motorcycle using four bolt attachments.

Fiberglass motorcycle sidecar

  • A fiberglass motorcycle sidecar is durable and stylish.
  • It has a great loading capacity.
  • It can come with a crumble zone, external gas tank, windshield, and locking trunk.
  • It has safety features such as seat belt fittings and a lockable door.
  • It is attached to a motorcycle using four bolt attachments.

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Choosing Motorcycle Sidecars (Buying tips)

Safety features: To ensure security and safety, choose a motorcycle sidecar with built-in safety features including safety belts and a lockable door.

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